Medical students at Texas Tech are getting a big West Texas welcome
Odessa, TX
07/13/2018 10:00 PM
The Odessa Chamber of Commerce wanted to make sure 26 Texas Tech medical students had a warm West Texas welcome Thursday night.  

The event was held on the second floor where the Odessa chamber is located.  

Business owners, city officials, and professionals came to congratulate and persuade the young students to consider a future in Odessa.  

"Texas Tech University, it was created by the state with the purpose of bringing physicians that are going to stay in the area and always Texas," said Dr. Gary Ventolini, Texas Tech University.  

If the oil boom continues, the population will continue to grow in the Permian Basin which puts the need of medical security at a high.  

"Whenever people are trying to move into area one of the first questions that they ask is how medical situation are is here in the Permian Basin, and we want to make sure we attract good doctors," said Roy Gillean, Odessa Chamber of Commerce.  

Staying for good is in the hands of the students, but some are at least considering the idea.  

"It's hard to tell after only living here for two weeks, but for my initial impression. I think it would be a good place to settle down with family everyone seems really great so," said Diana Michell, Vice President of the class, Texas Tech University student.  

One of the students is a Midland native and she says that she had tried to be as helpful as she can.  

"I have tried to be helpful and answer and giving recommendations for food and that kind of stuff."  

The big question for students like Shannon Corbitt is, will they stay in town and fill much-needed positions in the medical field.  

"I do really enjoy living here, and I like the area so if I get my residency or practice here I would be really happy with that," said Shannon Corbitt, Texas Tech medical student.  

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